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Consumers are very important when it comes to being able to buy a product; physical or otherwise. Before they can make up their minds on what to purchase, they like to spend some time researching various options available to them on different platforms. In the old days, the consumers researched about products they fancied in magazines focused on them like the consumer report. The magazine educated them about products, service providers, and vendors their money could buy.

In an age where nearly everything the consumer buys is online, the need for pre purchase research has become more important than ever. Many of them spend a long time going through various reviews to find service providers as well as product sellers with a history of excellent customer experiences. E-commerce companies help their customers find buying decision centric information by asking their buyers to leave visible feedback to help other customers have a feel of what to expect.

Others like essay writing companies nonetheless fail to provide any kind of review to potential and past customers.

Student consumers

Student consumers have a rough time finding competent essay writing companies because there aren’t any reliable reviews or comprehensive reviews they can go back to on companies they want to hire. This exposes them to a lot of uncertainty in their dealings with custom essay writing services. But by using free services like, students stand a good chance at getting competent service providers.

Why we rate essay writing companies

The number of essay writing companies keeps on rising according to our research. As the number rise, so is the number of complaints leveled against them. We started to help the consumers tell the difference between different essay writing companies. In addition to this, having all the consumer relevant information on one website also ensures that one can get a service they can use faster.



How works

As stated, this website works on a reviews model. We get reviews about various essay writing companies from a team of real customers who use them for their assignments. Once we have enough ratings, we send the data to our teams which process the data to come up with a list of top services they can rely on.

Moreover, we send out experts to investigate different service providers. The outcome of the research is compressed into a summary review which looks at the strengths and weaknesses of every writing company. Take advantage of the reviews to hire a competent essay writing company.